Golf Tournament and Management System


KristalBall (formerly CrystalBall) golf tournament scoring system provides all requirements and result options of 9-hole, 18-hole and 27-hole, single or multiple day golf tournaments. It includes scoring management of all golf scoring formulas, result generation of all latest golf results with score sheets, golf and score documentation, score analysis & statistics and golfer performance monitoring. It is user friendly, efficient and a good golf stats and software for golf tournament processing. The system is able to generate more than 5,500 combinations of golf scoring results for a tournament.


The golf result options that users can manipulate to get the combination they want include:

  1. Golf tournament ranking format (4 options):
    • Gross Ranking
    • Nett Ranking
    • Stableford Ranking
    • Bogey Ranking
  1. Golf handicapping (8 options) with option to adjust by percentage:
    • Preslope/Course
    • Peoria (6 blind holes)
    • System 36
    • New New Peoria (12 blind holes)
    • System 36 (12 blind holes)
    • Callaway
    • Double Peoria (12 blind holes)
    • Scheid
  1. Golf tie breaking or count back (4 options):
    • USGA standard*
    • Age / USGA*
    • Handicap / USGA*
    • User define
  1. Golf Division/Medal (3 options):
    • No Division
    • User Define
    • System compute by Handicap
  1. Golf team or inter-club result (5 options):
    • Combined best ball
    • Best Ball
    • Combined Score
    • Best Score
    • No Team
  1. Golf team handicap (3 options):
    • Individual
    • Combined handicap by percentage
    • Best handicap
  1. Multiple Ranking (mutually exclusive ranking by priority):
    • Gross
    • Nett
    • Stableford
    • Bogey
  1. Ball Sweeps:
    • Gross
    • Nett
    • Stableford
    • Bogey

Total result options = 4 x 8 x 4 x 3 x 5 x 3 = 5,760 results.


    Additional system features includes:

  1. Golf Tournament Score Statistics.
  2. A hole by hole scoring analysis report analyzes the result of the tournament with difficulty ranking of the 18 holes played. The rankings are also compared with holes indexes of the course, this can be used to review and adjust course indexes accordingly over a period of time.

  3. Golfer performance monitoring.
  4. Designated golfers scores are being monitored by the system to produce golfer score and performance ranking. This is used for selection of golfers to represent the club for external competition.


  • golf scoring system that provides more than 5,500 combinations of latest golf scores & formats.
  • KristalBall golf scoring system handles 9, 18 or 27 holes golf game score result formats.
  • Excellent golf team software with team results of combine or best ball options in hole-by-hole or 18-holes scores.
  • User can calculate results of gross, nett, bogey or stableford points scoring anytime.
  • Handicap & all formats of results are displayed during detailed golf scorecards entry.
  • System provides 8 handicap golf scoring options with modified setting.
  • System produces golf course statistics by hole by score with hole difficulty ranking for every golf game.
  • It is a golf score analysis software with golfer performance monitoring for every golf game.
  • Golf score results output can be displayed on TV as golf score board.
  • Users can change Flight, Division and Team anytime for different golf score results, it is ideal for amateur golf tournaments.
  • Easy processing of multiple round golf tournaments, users can adjust the scores anytime for any day and reprint the results in any golf format.
  • System has all the documentations needed for golf tournaments.
  • Users can adjust the golf course data independently for any golf game.
  • System uses very little computer resources with good security control.
  • System is low cost, efficient, effective, flexible and complete.


  • KristalBall golf tournament software helps club user lower cost and improve productivity.
  • The system improves golf game management efficiency and flexibility.
  • System helps user to handle more golf games and increase user golf game income.
  • Users are ready to market more corporate and social golf games.
  • System helps user in game documentations, golf results printing and display
  • The system improves golf events handling and speed up golf results output.
  • Golf score statistics allows user to update the golf course index yearly if necessary.
  • Golfer performance monitoring allows user to select golfer for external golf game.