Puchase and rental prices

System Purchase and Rental

Buy or rent the best golf management software and be the leader in golf tournaments planning. With the latest golf scores scoring system, it helps to create ideas for corporate events and you can recover the system cost in 12 months or less. With a good golf analysis software, you can generate golf game statistics and course statistics for course indexing adjustment, at the same time, you can monitor your league golfer performance for every game.

System Usage Options and Prices

Purchase options

  Price (US$)
Single station without TV display 1,800.00
5 work stations with TV display 5,500.00

Leasing / Rental options

  Price (US$)
System usage rental per day per station 80.00
Monthly system usage rental 150.00
Yearly system usage rental 1,200.00

Training and Tournament Assistance

  Price (US$)
1 day system training 500.00
System usage assistance per day 350.00

Payment Methods

Payments are to be arranged by Telegraphic Transfer from user bank to our bank account.

System Maintenance

    • System improvement and maintenance are the responsibility of Unergy (M) Sdn Bhd.
    • Average of one update every quarter.
    • Leasing option has free system updates.
    • User requests for additional system features are chargeable.